ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shearling Style

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shearling Style

From her sunglasses to her shoes, this Fashionista’s look is all in the details. In winter weather, it is sometimes very easy for us to overlook the details we put into our outfits, since we are trying to not become frozen popsicles while going out into the tundra. It seems merely impossible to try to look cute for class when all you want is to be warm on your way there. However, if you’re like me and love paying attention to detail (yes, even in winter), then I have some tips for you!

Shearling coats, like the one this Fashionista is wearing, are perfect for this time of year. They are fun to style and are sure to keep you warm on your walk to class. These coats usually have fur peeking out along the seams, which adds interesting details to the coat.

To achieve this chic look, pair your coat with a basic mock neck top tucked into a pair of jeans. To add in even more detail, add a statement belt and choose a pair of jeans with frayed detailing along the hem, like this Fashionista has done here.

I love the belt she chose! It has tiny, etched-in patterns along the buckle and the other metal parts, which help it stand out. Also, the jeans she is wearing are perfect for this look. The hem is frayed, adding contrast from the black booties with the white threads sticking out. Even by wearing sunglasses, she has tied the whole look together and added more details to her look. If you look closely, the sides of her glasses are gold, which matches exceptionally well with the color of her shearling coat.

Each aspect of her outfit works together to create a warm, chic, and detail-oriented look. I hope this has given you some inspiration to spice up your winter wardrobe by adding little details however you may choose.