ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shades of Gray

March 27th, 2017 at 2:00am

It’s getting to the point in Toronto where everyone just throws on as many layers to avoid frostbite, meaning jewelry often gets left on the back burner. This Fashionista’s dainty little rings and adorable baby pink watch is what caught my eye. This was unusual, considering most people are consistently moisturizing their hands and shoving them into gloves at this point in the winter.

The word that came to mind with this Fashionista’s jewelry choices was “fresh.” These delicate rings paired with the super cute baby pink watch give off spring vibes. This Fashionista stacked the gorgeous leaf pattern ring under the stunning gray moonstone birthstone ring to complement one another. The chain of leaves pattern on the lower ring are a nice little reminder of the spring to come, or perhaps even a little piece of fall to hold onto. Reminders of good weather through fashion are the best pick me up on a dreary or chilly day. Any fresh little detail, whether it be spring pastels, florals, or delicate, is an easy fix for a casual winter outfit.

This Fashionista paired her cute accessories with simple black jeans and a bright white turtleneck to keep warm. No winter outfit is complete without a thick, neutral blanket scarf to pull it all together. This cozy gray scarf breaks up the black and white pieces and adds texture to this simple outfit. The scarf particularly complemented the super rad gray tips of this Fashionista’s Rapunzel hair and the earthy gray within the moonstone ring. From head-to-toe the gradients of black, white, and gray work together to make a simple but chic outfit.