ALL IN THE DETAILS: Serene Self-Love

A question I often get is, “Why did you chose Syracuse, New York over staying and enjoying the year-round vacation weather of Puerto Rico?” And to most, it’s a surprise to find out that I love the cold weather! Growing up, I was used to dressing up to avoid the uncomfortableness of sweating, and experienced a complete 180 when entering college opened a whole a closet I never knew could happen. It’s safe to say, I have more jackets than any other garment in my wardrobe. I try to rock them back home, but there is just no way to get past the humidity with even the thinnest of long-sleeves, unless you are in air-conditioned perimeters. Within a situation of such drastic change, learning to incorporate my style into layering helped me feel part of the community, experiment with my body (its reaction to the change of weather), and cultivate another eye for fashion. Thus, I expanded my closet with clothes representing where I am from and where I am now.

Thus, when I saw this cooler-than-cool Fashionista, I had to take a snapshot of her. She’s definitely experimenting with a laid-back, Taylor Momsem vibe, wearing a black lace bodysuit and keeping it cozy with gray sweatpants and a vintage faux-leather jacket (you should always keep it cruelty-free). However, it is all in the details with this outfit: from the laces of her high-tops tied around her ankles to the folding of her sweatpants and a simple gold stone necklace, she personifies her outfit to exude her care-free personality.