November 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

Over here in Newark, Delaware, the October and November weather has been feeling like spring, but all good things must come to an end. Mid-November is upon us, and so is the cold. Time to bundle up and look cute while doing it.

We’ve hit prime time for winter/fall accessories like scarves, beanies and boots. This Fashionista decided to wear a scarf to counter the November chill, and might I say she looks down right adorable.

Scarves have always been a classic cold weather accessory, but they’re becoming more and more popular each year. From fringe to fuzz, colorful or neutral, a small or big scarf can add a lot to an outfit, while also providing necessary warmth. Having a bad hair day? Wrap yourself up in a scarf and shove you’re unwashed hair underneath. No one will know, I promise I won’t tell.

If you think your outfit is too plain, throw on a colorful or patterned scarf and it’ll instantly look better. Scarves are versatile, just like you, so grab one next time you’re headed out in the cold!

This Fashionista is wearing a comfy gray dress, leggings and the well-worn brown booties. She’s dressed in the plain colors of black, brown and gray in order to draw attention to her perfect winter accessory, her scarf. This scarf is not only warm, but it’s also stylish. Her scarf is a big-cozy-knitted addition to the outfit, adding flair and creating an overall fall aesthetic. The flannel scarf is the pivotal point of her look, attracting one’s eye to the fashion.

You can add any scarf to a plain outfit to spruce it up a bit, to keep you warm, or both! I choose both, and so did this Fashionista. Whether it be a big knitted scarf like this one, or a smaller plain scarf, adding one to your outfit is the right move for this fall/winter season. This Fashionista finishes her look with a forest green jacket that fits in well with her ensemble.

How To: If you’re worried a big scarf may be too much, just wear a simple outfit underneath. Make the scarf the focus of your look by wearing neutral colors. You want to make sure you don’t overwhelm your look by having too many complex patterns and colors going on. In my eyes, it’s all about balance and style.