There are many styles and trends I am a big fan of. However, if there is one combination that I feel can never go wrong it would be some stripes and a nice red lip! This Fashionista gives this classic combo a whole new level of sassy. From the adorable bow in her hair to her bold cherry lip—this Fashionista’s look is one that is impossible to be overlooked.

This trendsetter sports a classic striped T-shirt that cuts off just above the waist, giving off a crop-top feel in celebration of this lovely spring weather. Her black skinny jeans are rolled above the ankle, exposing her skin to that fresh spring breeze! For shoes she slips into a pair of red TOMS shoes that match perfectly with her lipstick. For accessories, the Fashionista pins a studded black bow in her eye-catching ombré curls and fastens a delicate gold necklace around her neck. I found her necklace especially cute because it contains a cut-out shape of the state of Kentucky on it, paying tribute to her newfound home at Bellarmine University!

From her red lips, striking winged eyeliner, black bow and unique necklace, this Fashionista knows how to throw an ensemble together and do it well.

How To: Inspired to try this Fashionista’s classic look? Simply throw on a striped cut-off shirt and black skinnies. Once you have that part down, feel free to get creative and add your own personal elements to your look. Whether it be a bold lip, cute bow or a favorite necklace, adding your own personal touches to an outfit makes it unique and memorable!