April 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer is fast approaching and students could not be happier. As finals papers are handed in and hours upon hours are spent in the library studying over every detail learned over the past semester, students are swapping their long sleeves and corduroys for short sleeves and shorts. The seasonal wardrobes students have been donning around Fordham’s campus lately are incredibly diverse. Some are opting for the festival style, some are deciding to keep it sporty in their Nike shorts and some are embracing the upcoming summer season with nautical trends.

This Fashionisto was seen wearing the ultimate nautical garb. The multiple shades of blue he incorporates into his look leave passers-by yearning for days spent at the beach. He differentiates his look by adding not only different shades of blue, but also different textures and patterns. His layering technique is perfect for spring weather. His boat shoes are the embodiment of nautical footwear. Also, his trendy sunglasses give sight to the warmer and relaxed summer days ahead.

This Fordham Ram highlights his look with his accessories. His rope belt and bracelet complement his outfit. These two detailed accessories diversify his look and make it stand-out. His bracelet and belt also epitomize the nautical trend of his wardrobe choice.

How To: Are you ready for it to be summer, but you just aren’t sure how to incorporate the approaching season into your wardrobe choice? Do you think its too premature to start wearing your favorite tank top or sundress? Never fear because the right accessories to complete your look belong to the nautical trend. To begin, wear your favorite pair of boat shoes. Be sure to wear a light wash pair of jeans accessorized with a nautical belt. Finally, complete your look with a lightweight button-down.