“These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.” I love this chorus from “These Boots Are Made For Walking” by Nancy Sinatra. It’s so iconic. This song not only popularized this singer but also catapulted the go-go boot to lasting fame. Why? She wore them each time she performed! This ’60s pop hit can also be applied to these red wedge heels worn by this Fashionista. Simply replace the word “boots” with “heels,” and you have a cover song.

Seriously, I cannot stop gawking over these heels. The red suede just dazzles when paired with this all-black ensemble. Additionally, the slightly raised heel helps elongate her legs and makes her appear taller to passing eyes. This is what I’ve always envied about heels. I’m pretty short, and I’ve always wished I was taller. At roughly five foot three inches, I am shorter than most people my age. Heels help me compensate for my short stature. I would wear them more often, but for some reason, my feet blister and ache when I wear them for even the shortest amounts of time. Hence, this is why I always resort to flat, knee-high boots.

Nevertheless, my musings over my temperamental feet should not stop you from buying the heels of your dreams. Heels are wonderful! Some are open toe, and others are closed toe. Various have a towering heel, while others are slightly elevated. Heels can have straps, buckles, zippers, bow ties or jeweled accents appended to the side. They come in an infinite array of colors and are made out of leather or suede. There is something out there to complement everyone’s individual style.

How To: Go to the mall, and shop until you drop! DSW is my all-time favorite place to shop. Their prices are great, and I’ve gotten some pretty good deals on designer bags, if I do say so myself. So what are you waiting for? Rows and rows of shoes await!