ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rockin' Ray-Bans

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rockin' Ray-Bans

As we get a few weeks into the spring semester, it can be really tempting to call it quits early on and throw on a hoodie and some sweats and slouch on over to class. Recently, I’ve noticed that people on campus have been pulling their looks together with a unique pair of shades along with some of their other favorite accessories.

This Fashionisto was caught hanging out in the courtyard of our apartment complex after classes this past week looking casually stylish. When I asked him about his outfit he said, “This is one of my favorite outfits because each part is so simple by themselves, but when I put it all together, I can create an awesome outfit without even trying.”

What really works in this outfit, in my opinion, is that there is a lot of texture going on. Starting from the bottom, having a favorite pair of denim jeans in your closet is always a must, as it is a closet staple. As we work out way up, this Fashionisto chose a casual button-down to wear underneath his caramel brown leather jacket. What’s unique about this button-down is the woven in texture into the pattern, giving it a little more personality than any other long sleeve button-down shirt.

One of the best investments to make a college student is a good, working watch. This Fashionisto stated that he wears his watch 24/7 because he needs to keep track of everything going on in his busy schedule. His final accessory he was most excited to be sporting were his Ray-Ban sunglasses. This Fashionisto loved rocking his Ray-Bans for the camera, and I’ll have to say he definitely knows how to style them!

Overall, simplicity is key for success in college during times when you’re in a rush or have an early day.