ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rock Those Chacos

April 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s spring here in Oxford, but it’s not quite time to pull out those summer shorts. The breezy mornings and the warm afternoons have us all a little perplexed on what to wear. But don’t fret! This Fashionista shows us how to perfectly balance our look to fit the craziest spring weather.

This Fashionista demonstrates how to rock our favorite winter and summer pieces together. She wears a red flannel (every girl’s best friend during the winter) paired with skinny jeans and Chacos. If it’s a little warmer where you are, you can exchange the flannel for an equally fun striped button-down. She adds minimal jewelery to match her comfy-cute style.

The key element of the look is the Chacos. The first time I saw them, I wondered why anyone would wear them. If any of you are as doubtful as me, try on a pair like I did, and you’ll never go a spring day without wearing them again. From a plain black pair, like the ones featured on this Fashionista, to cheetah print and stripes, they’re extremely versatile and are perfect for those long walks to class!

If you still aren’t in love with Chacos after you try a pair, you can switch them up with this season’s comeback style: Birkenstocks. They’ve been all over the college scene lately, and I’m in love with their bohemian vibe.

How To: It’s all in the layering. Throw on your favorite flannel or winter sweater with a pair of Chacos or Birkenstocks. You can shed the flannel or sweater later and still look put together!