ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rock Solid Style

As the summer ends, I begin mourning the loss of endless beach days with my toes in the sand and listening to the waves hit the rocks. Now, I can look forward to the cool breeze of fall, pumpkin spice-flavored beverages and cozy knit cardigans. But what if I want to take summer with me into the fall? The newest trend in jewelry will let you bring the earthy stones of summer into fall fashion to give your style a boho, edgy, naturalistic and trendy look.

Faux stone and gems are popping up everywhere in fashion. Designers such as Armani, Balmain, Escada and Gucci have all featured faux stone pieces in their fall jewelry collections. Similar styles to designer jewelry are present in modern street style fashion as well. Faux stones are so versatile that they can be used in any jewelry piece whether it be a statement necklace, ring set or bracelet, which is good news for Fashionistas/os everywhere who want to try faux stones in their favorite accessory style. Also, since stones are often neutral in color, the trend can be integrated into any style to create a boho look instantly. Faux stones give Fashionistas/os the opportunity to try other trends such as mixed metals and choker necklaces.

This Fashionista is dawning a collection of faux stones and textured metals throughout her outfit creating an effortless statement. The set of faux gem rings catch the light and give the Fashionista’s outfit a subtle sparkle. Most faux stone pieces couple neutral tones such as charcoal, ivory or green with various metals. As a result, you can mix faux stones pieces of different colors for a trendier look. For example, this Fashionista added a layered necklace featuring a chic robin’s egg blue alongside the crystal colored gems for a pop of color.

Couple the faux stones with a pair of vintage-inspired brogues and a cozy sweater, and she has an instant go-to look. This Fashionista is not only rocking the newest fall trends, but she is also bringing a touch of summer to her fall fashion. Rock on, Fashionista!

How To: Are you dazzled by sparkly stones and gems but not sure if you can bring them into your fall style? Not to worry! Try a layered necklace with a faux stone accent. Layered necklaces are a popular trend that is a must-have for any style that looks amazing with faux stones. Then, just simply add the piece to your fall fashion look and watch your outfit shimmer!