March 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Around this time of year in Ohio, Mother Nature can never pick one climate to stick to. Layering up like this Fashionista is the most ideal way to get around the drastic temperature changes during the day. Throughout the season, hipster and rocker-chic styles have been becoming popular again. The year is starting to go back in time with prominent styles such as graphic shirts and lots of denim.

Since the whole ’90s vibe is coming back in style, this Fashionista replicated this look perfectly. Try going through your mom or dad’s old clothes from when they were younger and see if you can find a vintage T-shirt. Adding an old school shirt to an ensemble like this makes the outfit look even more rad. Another important accessory from the past is denim, denim and denim! Back in the ’90s, denim was found everywhere from pants to bags to shirts. Simply add a denim vest on top of your vintage shirt to achieve this rockstar look.

Shoes are always supposed to be the most sensible (yet stylish) part of your outfit. In order to keep the chic and modern vibe to this outfit, this Fashionista found the most comfortable peep toe heels to match with this type of look extremely well.

Everything in this Fashionista’s look replicates popular ’90s styles, including the way she styled her hair. This ponytail was extremely popular in this time period and still continues to cover heads around the country. Accessorizing a look like this is super simple and easy. This Fashionista found her funkiest necklace and paired it with this look. With an outfit like this, nearly any type of jewelry is bound to look great.

How To: Easily recreate this look by finding a vintage looking T-shirt and simply throw a denim vest on top. To make the outfit look more chic, accessorize with your favorite rock ‘n’ roll inspired jewelry.