Fall is finally settling in and all girls can rejoice in happiness. Now that the weather is cooling down, outfits are cuter and accessorized instead of just a T-shirt and shorts because you can’t bear to wear anything else when it’s 95 degrees outside. Jeans are finally acceptable again and, of course, sweaters from Forever 21 to Free People are begging to come out of your closets.

Denim has come along way over the years—from all-over wear, to tacky designs, to mom jeans, to hipster. Leggings were giving jeans a run for their money for a while, but truthfully, nothing can compare to a great pair of jeans. There is so much variety of jeans that you could fill your whole closet with just jeans. Distressed and ripped jeans are on the up and up from the ’80s and ’90s and making huge waves through all of our favorite stores. Most people would like to think, “why would I pay money for jeans with holes in them?” But its not just the jeans your paying for—it is a style. This Fashionista is rocking a classic pair of high-waist, light-wash jeans with rips all over, giving her a little bit of a grunge look. She also cuffs the bottom of her jeans to give a little space between the jeans and her Vans, which are trending right now. She pairs her jeans with a gray open-knit sweater and the white Vans to keep a similar color scheme.

Bralettes are taking the fashion world by storm especially with all the no-bra campaigns for women being so popular. This Fashionista opts for a cute white lace halter bralette for a little extra detail in her look. The lace offsets the rip for a grunge vintage look to fuel her fall day.

How To: Don’t worry about mom and dad’s scoff at your ripped jeans and rock your favorite pair with a cozy sweater this fall season. You can easily dress down or up this classic look however you choose!