ALL IN THE DETAILS: Red...Gives You Wings

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Red...Gives You Wings

The weather in D.C. has been all over the place this past month. We were blessed with beautiful 80-degree weather all weekend, but as soon as Monday came around D.C. was back in the high 40s—it’s like the universe wanted to make Monday gloomier than it already is. Typically, our campus on Monday is swarmed with dull colored outfits, so when I spotted this Fashionisto, I was filled with joy.

His sweater caught my attention because: 1. It’s a super bright red and 2. It’s a modern spin of the Detroit Red Wings jersey. There’s a ton of detail in this sweater too; you can tell whoever designed this had fashionable people in mind. The sides of the pocket are outlined with gold zippers. The shoulders are white instead of red like the official NHL jersey, and the ribbon tie is white and gray stripes instead of a solid white. This version of the jersey is way better than the official one.

Additionally, his Dr. Martens were to die for. The crocodile print was enough for me to fall in love, but Dr. Martens decided to completely slay us and make the shoes metallic—genius.

I like drawing style inspiration from men’s clothing, so I know exactly how I’d make this tomboy-chic. I’d wear a pair of baggy tan cargo pants synched at the ankles and some perspex gray booties.

Overall, this Fashionisto wore the perfect outfit for a gloomy Monday. As the saying goes, “If you look good, you feel good.”