ALL IN THE DETAILS: Red, Blue and Vintage

Earlier this week, as I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop, and a weighty realization hit me: fall is just around the corner. Already?! How could this be?! I almost dropped my mocha at the thought that summer was coming into its final days. So after receiving my daily caffeine fix, I went around campus with my camera, on the hunt to photograph some back-to-school fashion that still reflected the style of summer.

While pounding the pavement, I found this Fashionista walking to class, and asked if I could click off a few shots of her look, and she kindly agreed. Her outfit had a relaxed, casual vibe and included staple pieces for any back-to-school wardrobe, along with an awesome statement top.

The Fashionista maintained a summer aesthetic by sticking to a red and blue color palette throughout her outfit. Her denim shorts are a classic, informal element. They exude “forever summer” and are also a great transition piece between the summer and fall seasons. Since the heat is still real in the Midwest, shorts are a wardrobe must, but as the cool, autumnal air sets in, a pair of cute tights or leggings could be thrown on underneath the shorts to provide warmth and a pop color. Pair those with some sneakers or boots, and you would be set for fall!

Her red camisole echoed that patriotic, summer palette and combined with the denim shorts, created a solid base for the most unique piece of her look–a vintage, button-down, Coca-Cola shirt.

The Fashionista got the shirt from her father’s wardrobe and gave it a feminine twist by simply rolling up the sleeves and tucking the shirt into her shorts. The shirt maintains the casual feel of the rest of her outfit through it’s being unbuttoned and not entirely tucked in to the shorts.

Keeping it minimal and vintage, this Fashionista accessorized solely with a worn, leather backpack. Though it was a flea-market-find, its shape and size are perfect for toting those overpriced textbooks to class. Plus, the aged leather paired with the statement, vintage top creates a timeless, classic vibe reminiscent of the summer fun that was had, and it elicits inspiration for fall looks to come.