ALL IN THE DETAILS: Raising The Sneaker Game

They say that heels are a girl’s best friend. There are all sorts of heels: kitten, stiletto, wedge, pump. No matter the type, they all have the same goal: to give you some height while making your legs look elongated and beautiful. As we all know, beauty is pain, and heels do not fall short of that statement. Sometimes I can last two hours in stilettos, but after that, I’m either going barefoot or I’m crawling.

So what is a girl to do if she wants height and long legs without the pain involved? The answer is simple: platform sneakers. These sneakers give you extra height, lengthen your legs and they are the comfiest high shoes known to woman.

This Fashionista takes her outfit up ten notches by wearing these platform heels. She is sure to turn heads. Her jeans are ripped just at the knees for some texture. A black blazer paired over a black blouse looks perfect on top of the pants. The outfit is simple enough that when paired with platform sneakers, any crazy pattern would work. This Fashionista wears her sneakers in camouflage print because who doesn’t love a good military edge in their outfit?

Platform sneakers are a saviour to all women to spare them from the pain of high heels. Since they have been selling at stores, I have added around ten pairs to my shoe collection (I am obsessed). They have high-top platform sneakers for wearing with skinny jeans. Sandal platforms are for those warm days that are fast approaching. They even have chunky platforms for the times that you want to embrace your inner spice girl. Whatever the day brings, platform sneakers are here for you, girl!

How To: Want to look casual and want to wear something free-flowing? Pair a long shirt with denim and platform sneakers so your legs don’t disappear! Feeling edgy but have a lot of running around to do? Wear any basic outfit with a wild pattern platform sneaker for a cool yet casual look!