ALL IN THE DETAILS: Primadonna Girl

April 13th, 2016 at 2:00am

When I was 16, I chopped off my long brown hair and—in a bold move—dyed it Molly Ringwald-red, hoping this would signal my entry into a magical haven of pink polyester kimonos, dingy record stores and denim-clad heartthrobs. Although relinquishing the source of my mom’s pride and joy did not result in this, I still hold dear anything reminiscent of the John Hughes universe to which I still owe my eclectic ’80s-grandmother fashion sensibilities.

Although this redheaded Fashionista nails the freckle-faced charm of the youthful Molly Ringwald we salivate over in ’80s cult classics, Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Clubshe also takes inspiration from another more subversive fashion icon of the same era: Madonna. Her pink floppy headband is identical to the one Madonna famously sports in Desperately Seeking Susan, in her role as a street savvy, mysterious drifter. By pairing this timeless ’80s staple with layers of lace, bold lipstick and a punky pair of retro Dr Marten’s, this Fashionista combines the best of both ’80s goddesses.

How To: You can replicate this Fashionista’s in vogue ’80s look with with this faux leather mini skirt layered with a sultry flowing top that the primordial Material Girl herself would surely fawn over. Similar go-to ensembles are easily found at plus-size online fashion haunt Torrid. This Fashionista also makes loving use of the vibrant vintage hub that is Toronto’s Kensington Market. You can find her flashy diva hoops at Kensington’s Flashback and charming tulle bow at Courage My Love, also at Kensington, although any non-Torontonian readers can easily score similar statement pieces here. Now, just pop on a pair of dusty Dr. Martens or combat boots for a rebellious edge and some red lipstick and blush to evoke all the sweetness of a Brat Pack starlet and you’re good to go!