ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pretty (Manly) In Paisley

As a female, I am constantly bitter with how easy it is for guys to throw on a few key pieces and look completely put together while I find myself trying on three outfits, all of them more uncomfortable than the last, and still feeling like I’d rather be in my Lulu Lemon. This Fashionisto right here is a prime example. Basic white T-shirt? Check. Patterned shorts that say, “I’m casual, but I’m still cool and know what’s trendy right now”? Check. White Vans that are most definitely having a moment right now due to the meme? Double check. Throw in some cool reflective sunglasses and a simple thread bracelet, and they’re good to go! This Fashionisto pulled together the perfect look for a casual Spring Break night. Plus, it just goes really well with the background, right?

I think that this outfit is the perfect example of prioritizing staple pieces while letting a bold pattern become the focus of an outfit. Guys can literally buy a pack of three shirts for $25, wear them until they’re worn out, and then go buy three more and instantly look like they’ve pumped up their wardrobe. This is a tip to all the men out there: DO THIS. It is the easiest thing in the world, and you should feel blessed. Contrastingly, a pair of clean white Vans are great and all, but a pair that look just a bit worn in give of a laid-back vibe that we’re all secretly trying to achieve. And finally, the shorts. Paisley is one of my favorite patterns, and I feel like a lot of guys wouldn’t think they could pull it off. Trust me, you can. It shows off your style, while not becoming too flashy.

How To: It may sound strange, but I think that plenty of girls could get ideas from this outfit. Keep it simple: white is perfect for summer, but don’t forget to swap those basics out for fresh ones after a few months. A patterned pair of shorts, pants or even a skirt is an amazingly versatile piece that can be dressed up or down with a swap of shoes; switch out your Vans, Keds or Converse for some strappy sandals or even some heels, throw on some simple jewelry, and you’re good to go! As far as the guys, I feel like most of the pieces in this look are things you’re likely to have in your closet. My biggest tip would be not to think too much about it; stay comfortable, stay stylish, and you’ll look like a million bucks in a T-shirt you got from Target.