This year, neutrals and basics have been trending more than ever. From all-denim looks to monochromatic outfits, fashion has become more simplistic than it has in years. This Fashionista seems to be ignoring this trend and riding her own wave. In the summer, preps have tended to stick to the same few staples since the style emerged years ago: khakis and solid-colored bottoms, button-downs and simple closed-toed shoes. This style has been consistent and classic, drawing inspiration from tennis players and other athletes, to things like coastal culture and the high-brow academics of New England. Fashion has seen this look referenced constantly with brands like L.L.Bean, Vineyard Vines and even American Apparel, to designers like Ralph Lauren and kate spade. On the other side of the style spectrum of the clean lines and simple color palette of the preps are the punks. Punks are all about loud, abrasive patterns and textures and shocking style elements like piercings and crazy hairdos. But here, these two completely different styles come together for a crazy, cool outfit. Mixing contrasting styles can be difficult, but this Fashionista pulls it off better than most.

In this look, this Fashionista mixes punk-inspired elements with preppy basics. The punk elements come in through the fashionable tunnels she wears in her stretched ears, her shaved undercut hairstyle and her denim vest. This is a stark contrast to the preppy basics in her outfit. Here, we see her wearing a button-down shirt, cut-out oxford shoes, readers and skinny jeans rolled at the ankle. All of these elements come together to create a really unique look.

How To: Want to add an edge to your preppy summer look? Add some punkier elements like a pair of chunky black boots or a leather vest to an outfit filled with pastels and a simple silhouette. You could also create a faux mohawk or faux undercut with these cute pins. If you wanted to make your punk look have some preppy influences, you can add in a tennis skirt or a pair of fitted chinos for a complete look.