ALL IN THE DETAILS: Post Festival Fresh

April 14th, 2015 at 2:10am

Festival season is in full swing, and this Fashionisto embraces it by keeping his footwear SXSW fresh. After attending the festival, his all-black Vans sneakers are spattered with mud but it’s in a way that works and could probably be sold at Urban Outfitters if something similar isn’t already. These sneakers mesh well with the rest of his ensemble that exudes a comfy, grungy vibe with washed out gray joggers and a fine white cotton V-neck T-shirt.

Another notable accessory is his on-trend Warby Parker eyewear. Though the pair may not necessarily have correctional lenses, their aesthetic value is exceptional as they feature a round lens with a whiskey tortoise color scheme. With spectacles this refined, all this hipster look needs is a man bun and a latte.

While successfully donning a look that embraces Tumblr street style culture and Mumford and Sons fandom, this Fashionisto adds an appropriate sporty twist to his hipster uniform. He pairs the comfy casual weekday look with a forest green bomber jacket, harkening back to those athletic high school years and embracing the re-emergence of varsity jackets worn by football players in today’s trends. He rocks this athletic element like a true team captain.

How To: Looking for an outfit that feels relaxed and grungy without looking too underdressed or basic? Copy this Fashionisto and pair your classic, comfortable joggers and easy, white V-neck T-shirt with the grungiest sneakers you have, preferably the ones you were last seen wearing at an outdoor festival or concert to attain maximum summer vibes while school is still in session. Add a pair of classy glasses to make the look scholarly and sophisticated.