ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pocket Full Of Sunshine

College students are rejoicing as finals ultimately come to an end and summertime commences! The summer trends I’ve been seeing around campus have been nothing short of awesome and there are trendsetters everywhere I turn. One style I’ve absolutely fallen in love with are shirts with patterned pockets. Sometimes, Fashionistos are hesitant to experiment with colors and patterns, but this stylish student made this trend look like it was made for him.

Fancy pockets are all the rage this season; seriously, I’ve seen these daring tops just about everywhere recently. The light red shirt contrasted seamlessly with the black and white pattern this Fashionisto showcased on his pocket. Choosing to obtain a layered look, the student kept his button-down open and layered underneath with a plain gray T-shirt.

Boys love their khakis, but obviously cannot wear them in this hot weather. This is why light brown khaki shorts were the perfect bottoms on this beautiful day. This Fashionisto’s look was on-point even down to the shoes. Beige Vans matched this casual outfit flawlessly. Vans are awesome for everyday wear because they are comfortable and go with pretty much anything, especially the ones in neutral colors. This student knew just the right way to make his patterned pocket pop (try saying that ten times fast!).

How To: It’s super easy to incorporate this style into your own wardrobe. Simply try some more patterns in your everyday ensembles! Don’t own a top with a patterned pocket? Try some cool socks with a pattern or maybe even a rad patterned belt. Your awesome new style begins at the end of your comfort zone!