ALL IN THE DETAILS: Playing With Patterns

April 13th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s officially spring, and, as usual, Ohio is toying with our fragile hopes and dreams of warm weather. Each morning is filled with the constant doubt of not knowing what to wear in order to avoid being either too hot or too cold to make it across campus for class. It’s a struggle we Northeastern college students face, but many find a way to endure it all while never missing a beat when it comes to their personal style.

In recent years, mixing patterns has become exceedingly popular for both women and men. A naturally good eye for this is hard to find and countless bloggers have tried to tackle the “science” behind doing it well. Contrasting prints requires a good sense of color, creativity and a little dash of daring. Often times when you think of people mixing and matching patterns, bright colors and crazy prints come to mind. It’s a look that is often reserved for the most fashion-forward of individuals; however, what is to be learned from this stylish Fashionisto is how to pull off a classically wild look, subtly.

A lot of people find mixing patterns difficult (myself included). Regardless of how prevalently the patterns appear throughout the pieces, two easy rules to follow are to match color and color hues and that larger, graphic prints are generally easier to match up and go with more pieces.

This Fashionisto follows both of these guidelines by cuffing his shirt to expose the patterned lining, and it pays off well for him. The stripped collar and polka-dot cuffs contrast each other and break up the monochromatic color scheme while adding an acute playfulness to an overall serious ensemble. The khaki pants are a wardrobe staple regardless of gender, while brown dress shoes warm up the cooler tones of the rest of the outfit.

How To: Looking to experiment with contrasting prints? Go for it! Just match your color schemes. If you feel like the look is a tad too busy, try breaking it up with solid pieces or a print with a larger graphic!