ALL IN THE DETAILS: Playful Prints

April 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Sure, prints and graphics can be a tad controversial at times, but their explicit and rebellious nature can be so much fun. Not only that, but these clothing items are usually picked because the featured word or graphic hold some level of significance to the wearer or tell some kind of story. Although I’ve already obsessed about my love for Burberry and all things British, I can’t resist gushing over this Fashionista’s perfect rain coat, which features an ultra-adorable heart-shaped Union Jack print. A little back story about the jacket: it was a gift from her sister she bought from—where else—London. To me, prints and graphics are the easiest way to throw in hints of your true personal style to any outfit, and the best ones, like this Fashionista’s cute coat, tell a story.

This Fashionista rocks her unique printed raincoat with some simple black skinny jeans and a cool pair of black combat boots. Underneath her rain coat is a light-wash denim jacket which keeps her cozy and warm. In addition to her raincoat being the epitome of ’90s Spice Girls style, she sports a classic black lace choker and a delicate gold necklace.

How To: It is oh-so-easy to achieve a graphic print-inspired look like this Fashionista’s. All you have to do is choose a cool graphic T-shirt, printed hat or any sort of printed piece which draws your attention; the story will come naturally! Don’t shy away from those quotes that really express you as a person, because, lets be real, there are days when we all are just Not Interested.