ALL IN THE DETAILS: Playful Patterns

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Playful Patterns

Have you ever found that one extremely photogenic person that can make just about any photo look great? This Fashionista did just that while rocking a playful outfit that screams fashion. From the color blocking, to the patterns, to the smile on her face, she can truly light up a room!

I am so excited about this outfit that I don’t know if I should start from the top or the bottom! Let’s start from the bottom. Here in Wisconsin it is still chilly and snowy, so she decided to throw on a pair of brown riding boots. The thick black socks peeking out of the boots keep her legs warm while adding an edgy flair.

Next is the super cute skirt. On this sunny day, it was abnormally warm for February in Wisconsin, so she used it to her full advantage to wear this red patterned skirt. The contrast of reds in the skirt give off a subtle chevron pattern, so it is nothing too crazy. It’s just right and really flatters this Fashionista’s look! The fabric of the skirt is both comfy and warm, so this Fashionista knew how to cheat the weather system and reign supreme in the style department.

Tucked into the skirt is a chambray button-up that adds a lightness to the outfit. I don’t think this kind of shirt will ever go out of style. They are so versatile and can be styled in a countless amount of unique ways! I really like that she decided to tuck the shirt into the skirt instead of letting it hang over; it provides a more put-together look and showcases the details of the skirt. On her wrist is a pretty, white watch. Watches are always a simple accessory to add to an outfit, but they offer a dainty elegance at the same time. On her arm she carries a caramel brown, leather purse—a perfect color to add to this outfit.

Laying atop the chambray shirt is a beautiful plaid scarf. This might be my favorite addition to this outfit! This Fashionista could have played it safe and chosen either a solid colored skirt or a solid colored scarf, but she really thought outside of the box with this outfit. While the scarf and the skirt are two completely different patterns, they mesh so unbelievably well and offer such detail to the entire ensemble.

Overall, the contrasting colors and patterns are fun and bubbly, just like her. I am a firm believer in dressing in ways that match your personality. Nobody should be afraid to do such a thing. This Fashionista can be an inspiration to those looking for fun outfits that are outside-of-the-box looks. Patterns are fun to work with and can be mixed and matched to fit any style. The smallest of details, like the scarf and skirt paired together, can make any outfit both playful and fashionable.