ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perfecting Edgy Chic

Since the new year has begun, I wanted this article to focus on the little details that can really make an outfit your own and on trend. We will be focusing on this Fashionista who loves the art of perfecting the edgy chic look and nails the look expertly. This Fashionista shows us that in order to perfect edgy-chic, the look comprises of a choker, a bomber jacket, ripped jeans, and a flannel shirt.

While some may think that wearing plaid is easy, this Fashionista takes it a step further by adding some little details to the outfit. She does this by adding a bomber jacket over it to not only keep her warm during this cold month, but also to add some serious edge and trend to her look. To keep the look edgy, she paired the jacket and plaid flannel with ripped at the knees black jeans that lend some danger and toughness to her sweet and innocent looking simple makeup. This Fashionista was also smart to keep her color palette neutral and consistent throughout her look. The all black look allows the gray in her top to stand out without being too much. And, that choker! I mean, how perfectly on trend is that to pull the whole look together! To complete her look, this Fashionista is smart to add combat boots to the outfit to keep the style of the outfit edgy and comfortable.

Since we are in winter now, the Fashionista had the right idea to layer the bomber jacket on top of the plaid flannel not only for style but for warmth throughout the day. And adding a Michael Kors tote to bring to class, how can you go wrong? Each one of these small details in her outfit showcase how easy it is to perfect edgy-chic and how even the smallest part of an outfit can make a big difference.

Stay tuned for more of my favorite trendy looks on campus!