Festival season is upon us, and we’re all following Instagram after Instagram trying to figure out how to achieve those effortlessly boho looks. Layers of crochet and lace leave us with stars in our eyes, jumping with joy everytime someone mentions shopping. Stores like H&M even have lines created specifically to achieve these ’70s-inspired ensembles. As we continue to fill up our online shopping carts, there’s always one thing holding us back from pressing that ever-so-tempting ‘checkout’ rectangle: cash.

We just penny-pushed our way through an entire semester; who has the money to purchase a whole new wardrobe? Classic three-day festivals require more than three outfits. With the sun beating down, the endless swarms of people and the chance of sunscreen ruining your new romper, outfit changes are a must. That said, why not make them as simple as possible? Boho-chic looks don’t come from layers upon layers; achieving these aesthetics comes from close attention to detail. Now do you see why I absolutely HAD to stop this Fashionista?!

With the perfect touches, this Fashionista is ready for anything from class, to a weekend out with friends, all the way to the dusty dunes of Bonnaroo. Her chambray dress, with springy floral clusters, is simple enough to throw on and go. Say buh-bye to waking up earlier than you have to by throwing this dress on, slipping into funky cut-out flats, grabbing your peace sign cross-body. Lastly, toss a pair of John Lennon-esque sunnies into your bag and peace out for the day. Simple and comfortable, this outfit will get you to those early venues just in time to see your favorite artists perform.

How To: Yes, it is as easy as it looks. All it takes is your favorite dress, with a few add-ons of your favorite detail pieces. Totes will weigh you down while you’re running from band to band, so opt for something smaller that can still fit all of your must-needs. Slip on your comfiest pair of flats and grab your sunglasses and you won’t have to head back to your tent until the last artist sings his/her last song. A perfect end to a perfect day!