ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pattern Please

March 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Here in Syracuse, the weather is more unpredictable than what the grade on your next math test will be. How can we manage to look cute and yet still handle the cold? The answer: patterns.

Patterned clothing gives the look a winter vibe but yet still brings color and life into the outfit as we transition into spring. Patterns help give looks multi-dimensions, which makes them even more versatile with the changing of seasons.

This Fashionista matches her beanie perfectly to the patterned jacket. The fur of the jacket serves as both a trendy piece and a warm lining, again giving the look multi-dimensions. The hint of color in the jacket within the decoration makes the look versatile for both the winter and the spring. The black beanie really extenuates the color in the pattern making it winter appropriate. However, this could easily be changed into a spring look with a headpiece instead of a beanie and shorts instead of leggings.

The cool thing about patterned pieces is you can really make them into whatever you want. You can match them perfectly or play around with the color palettes within them. You can make your look into what you want when wearing a patterned piece.

How To: Head down to the local thrift shop and look for some awesome patterned jackets. If you already have one, then match it with basic pieces so the ornament really stands out. Feel free to experiment with the wide range of colors in the patterned piece.