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As students near the end of the spring semester, the promise of summer is weighing heavily on everyone’s mind. Although we all have the dreaded last weeks of school to endure, the thought of sun and fun is pretty much irresistible. Unfortunately, those last few weeks of stress and sleeplessness can’t be avoided. However, a little bit of style can bring some much needed joy into the last long days of school.

While endless nights at the library make it tempting to give in and throw on your rattiest sweats, looking nice during finals week is more important than almost any time of the year. As stress increases while sleep quickly disappears, a nice outfit can help tremendously in maintaining a sense of control in your hectic life. This Fashionista demonstrates finals style done right.

Time is of the essence during the last week of school, so this Fashionista kept it simple. Pairing a jean jacket with wide-leg pants, her look is easy and comfortable. However, it’s the pattern of her amazing pair of trousers that truly make the outfit. While her ensemble is undeniably stylish, the loud colors and crazy shapes covering her legs bring an element of fun and trendiness that takes the whole look up a notch.

Dressing for the torturous last days can be difficult, but don’t let the stress of finals defeat your style. All you need is a simple outfit with a fun pattern thrown into the mix to brighten up your outfit and get you through finals to sweet, sweet summertime.

How To: Wearing crazy patterns is easy with the right mix of pieces. Pick an amazing statement piece and pair it with a few simple classics for a fantastic yet easy look.