For generations patches and pins have been making their way through time. Whether they reside on backpacks, purses, denim or bomber jackets, patches and pins have seemed to never fall off.

Embroidered patches weren’t always fashionable, and they were only used to cover up holes. In the ‘60s, patches and peace sign pins were worn by hippies to protest war and hate and instead used to embrace love. Once the late ‘70s and early ‘80s hit the punk movement arose and rock and roll jammed its way onto fashion. People often used safety pins or roughly sewed the patches onto leather jackets and ripped denim vests. People’s favorite bands and Lisa Frank iconic stickers began to be pinned on everyone’s backpacks and purses during ‘90s era. Marc Jacobs most recent accessories runway debuted colorful patches on denim culottes and bags and in the streets patches continue to be a pulse.

I caught this Fashionista on her way home from class when I saw her punk-chic outfit of the day. What really drew me in were her striking patches on her over-sized, vintage denim jacket. Bands seem to make her dance because her wardrobe had the classics sewed and pinned on. The black flowy skater dress was the neutral piece in her look, however the Ramones album logo added an edgy vibe. Denim pieces are all the rave right now and the light wash keeps the rock rolling. The simple fringe Rebecca Minkoff cross-body and suede booties with a patent leather toe keep the outfit chic enough to wear to class. From offbeat vintage finds to mainstream runways, patches are always being revived, adapted and repurposed.

Like the patch look but don’t want to take the time to paste them on yourself? Not to worry, the latest fashion trends are sewing them on for you, whether they are jeans, bomber jackets, and even purses.