During the beginning of spring in Western New York, there is seldom a day when one can go outside in the morning without a jacket. The winds are still bitter when the sun is just rising. A spring jacket is a must.

When it comes to spring jackets, we tend to gravitate towards the basics. Whether your style calls for a windbreaker, a denim jacket, a leather jacket or an anorak, in order for a jacket to be useful, it has to be fairly plain in order to be paired with all of your outfits. To balance the basicness, sometimes a jacket needs a little personalization. This week’s Fashionisto used patches to give his jacket a unique look, taking it from a regular anorak to a conversation-starting, standout piece.

This Fashionisto centered his outfit on his olive-colored anorak adorned with a variety of patches. The patches gave the look a rugged and retro vibe and added immediate interest to the outfit. To make sure attention stayed on the jacket, he wore a plain white T-shirt underneath. For pants, he chose a pair with a floral print. Because the pants are dark blue and black, the print was subtle and didn’t detract from the statement-making jacket. A pair of trainers added a casual vibe, whereas a large, gold watch looked classic.

How To: There are lots of ways to individualize a jacket. Patches are a great option. Studs, which can easily be found on eBay, can give any jacket a tough edge. You can try distressing a denim jacket by using a nail file to wear down the material, scissors to cut holes and tweezers to pull down the threads that cover the rips. Wear a basic T-shirt-and-pants combo under the jacket to make it stand out, or pair it with a bolder ensemble to add even more personality.