All IN THE DETAILS: Pants That Say It All

Oftentimes in menswear, it can be difficult to stand out when wearing a suit. Men’s suits can become very mundane and almost boring with color options and patterns. Usually starting with black and ending with gray, not a whole lot of variation. But for this Fashionisto that is not the case. He kept his color choices down to two; blue and white. But some how his outfit is anything but boring or mundane. And the subtly patterned pants are definitely to thank for that!

This ensemble comprised of a simple long sleeve blue turtleneck and a classic tailored blue blazer, giving it a timeless and traditional look. The jacket has three silver detailed buttons on each sleeve and one to fasten the jacket.

Now the focus item, those rad dress pants! They have hints of the ’70s with a slight flare and the bottom that successfully breaks away from the common straight-legged dress pants that are often worn on the street. From a distance the pants catch the eye, and a closer look at the pants will reveal that the pattern is a small, checkered print of blue on the white fabric.

For an even more daring look dress pants printed in floral or a larger checkered print would also bring about the same fresh look as apposed to a matching suit jacket and pants.

As for the final touch, this Fashionisto accessorizes with silver rings, light tan low cut boots and a classic pair of Ray-Ban aviators. His light tan boots also nod to the ’70s giving a break to the usual dress shoes that are worn with suits.

This rad Fashionisto shows his attention getting personality off perfectly by not being afraid to stand out in a suit!

How To: If you like many other Fashionistos are tired of dressing in a boring suit it is easy to stand out in a well thought through outfit with patterned dress pants. Make your pants the focus of your look