ALL IN THE DETAILS: Overall Oversized

April 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

Oversized articles of clothing and accessories have become staple items in the wardrobes of many. With the growing popularity of big clothing you may be feeling the desire to try implementing some of your oversized favorites. It can be difficult making sure the outfit still looks feminine and flattering. We definitely don’t want it to look like our clothing is devouring us. This Fashionista gives us an example of one of the ways you can have the perfect oversized look while remaining feminine and not letting your clothing overpower you.

This Fashionista has made the daring move to have a fully oversized outfit. The first layers of this outfit are boyfriend jeans and a large plaid flannel shirt. The colors of the plaid pattern add color and femininity. By having the sleeves peek out of the oversized jacket, she adds color and a feminine touch to her neutral outfit. The jacket is still large, but the cinched waist allows this Fashionista to adjust it to her petite figure and adds flare. The adjustable waist definitely makes sure the outfit is oversized but not overpowering.

She finishes her look and sticks to the oversized theme with her accessories. The large hoop earrings are an obvious feminine item and the purse is as well. What accessories scream femininity more than jewelry and purses? The dark colors of her purse tie together the neutral color of her jacket and the bright colors of her flannel shirt very nicely.

How To: You may not be as daring as this Fashionista, or you may not be ready to rock a full oversized look, but that’s okay! You can start with just one of a few oversized articles of clothing. You can try wearing boyfriend jeans and a form fitting top or an oversized top/jacket with a pair of leggings. Whether you just want to implement a few oversized pieces or go for the full look like this Fashionista, it’s definitely a trend you should try out!