ALL IN THE DETAILS: Over the Knee, Please!

Hello again! First off, I know it’s January but Pennsylvania weather is all over the place. It has gone from 12 degrees to 60 in the past couple days and all I can say is I am not ready to go back to school and walk to my classes again in the freezing cold.

Anyway, I found this Fashionista and I knew I wanted to get a few shots of her! This Fashionista made a huge statement with these over-the-knee boots. These over-the-knee boots have been very trendy lately, and I love the way she styled them. This is a perfect outfit for a day out with friends for lunch, shopping, or even class!

She paired a light pair of jeans (which I thought was genius) so, it would complement the black tall boots. It is winter (although this day it was 60 degrees) so she paired this turtleneck with a warm bomber jacket! Finally, to tie everything together she added this western styled belt and her everyday rings to really finish off this look.

I think this outfit is so fun because you can really transform it to every season. By changing the turtleneck to something lighter for spring or summer, it is really a perfect pairing. Or even forgetting the bomber jacket and going for a chunky sweater for fall! It is one thing to have the perfect outfit, but it is another thing to be able to transform it into any season.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and are off to another great semester!