ALL IN THE DETAILS: Out Of The Co-ordinary

In years past, playing with patterns and mixing and matching were all the rage. Pairing stripes with floral was fun and flirty. Oh, how things have changed. One of my all time favorite trends this season has become the matchy-matchy sets we began to see this fall. From the red carpet to the runway, coordinating has spread like wildfire.

Spotting this look on a college campus is harder than finding Waldo. However, the trend has affected our collective view of matching and made it okay to play with identical colors and patterns. This Fashionisto’s ensemble and take on the coordination trend is easy for any old afternoon in class. His maroon patterned button down and equally maroon sneakers are daring and risky, but are executed perfectly. By layering a black undershirt and wearing a chic black watch, his look comes together through these two simple colors.

When matching pieces of your look, one thing you can’t go without is confidence. With a new trend there comes a risk, but any look can easily be affected by who’s wearing it. No matter what you decide to put on, strutting your stuff with self-assurance is half of your look. Purchasing a patterned crop top and partnering it with an identical pair of shorts has become all the rage and the reason to rage. Perfect for a girl’s night out, this look screams fun. Be caught being bold and try out the coordinates trend.

How To: Do you have the guts to go all out matchy-matchy? When trying out the trend go with a pair of matching crop top and shorts, leaving a little midriff in order to break up the identical pieces while staying on-trend.