ALL IN THE DETAILS: Orange You Glad This Is A Cheesy Title?

April 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

Shield your eyes! Spring is approaching! Bright, fabulous colors are back in style. Have you ever gone to a crowded bar on a Saturday night, and one of your friends comes to join, but you can’t find her? Well, spring is here to help you, giving an excuse to wear as bright a color as possible. “Where you at, Shelby?” “Oh I’m the one in the neon yellow pencil skirt.” Found her? I will just go ahead and assume so.

This Fashionista woke up in a happy mood, threw on this orange romper and walked through campus with her chest out and head high. All vibrant colors are well accepted in this time of year. The key is for the sun to make a presence. Although it is hard to know when it is winter and summer in Arizona, check your calendar because I wouldn’t suggest wearing this in December. It shapes her body nicely, allowing for some fresh unexpected breezes to sweep her away.

Her gold jewelry is what really ties this outfit together. Since her chest is such a solid color, she chose to break it up with some cute jewels. Layering in threes will be in for a while, I can guarantee that. The gold belt divides her upper and lower body to show off her waist. Her brown sandals were a smart choice in my mind, because they avoid the whole black and orange Halloween trend.

How To: It is fairly simple to imitate this outfit. Bright colors and rompers are obviously in right now, so go into any chick store and be directed to the brightest thing in there. Make sure it is a little baggy and bright! Pair it off with some brown or hazel sandals, and accessorize at Charming Charlie. That store has a specific section for oranges, browns and golds…I promise.