As the self-proclaimed Fashionista of my college squad, I’m occasionally asked questions regarding style.

So, when I received a vague text from a friend of mine several weeks ago asking how I personally felt about hats, I wasn’t too alarmed (nor stumped) by the sudden inquiry. Instead, I sprung into action quite enthusiastically, shouldering some quick research and consulting various self-help websites in order to gear up for the eventual and age-old fashion crisis that is, “Can I pull off a hat?”

Long story short, I’m glad to say we both worked it out and that, indeed, she could totally pull off a hat. On a sad note, I, alas, cannot pull this look off. Some people just have the natural gift for it, I hear…but I digress.

Fast-forward to choosing a subject to photograph for my latest CollegeFashionista shoot, and the subject of hats is up in my mind again. Luckily for me, this Fashionista came well prepared for the task at hand, having the good fortune to own one herself. Even better, she paired her trusty fedora with a breezy floral dress for a look that was, for lack of a better word, “fedorable.”

What’s “fedorable,” you may wonder? Well, in my own terms, it’s the following: the act of wearing a fedora, a typically masculine accessory to counteract the girliness of an otherwise ultra-feminine outfit. In a sense, the fedora serves as a necessary contrast piece, one that’s required for the look to be trendy and chic. It’s street style that’s not too tough and not too saccharine—a sweet and balanced blend of style.

Now, onto the important question here: how can you wear a fedora? If you’re a newcomer to the hat game, I suggest opting for something that’s not too outlandish or dramatic, like this one with slim detailing. If you’re willing to go big or go home, then go with a fedora with a wide brim! If you’re the type that loves to stand out like a peacock, consider purchasing something outrageously colorful—deep burgundy’s always a great bet.

What’s really great about accessories is that there’s always one for everyone, and you can (rarely) go wrong with a hat. So, let the sky be your limit and let your fedora flag fly high.