ALL IN THE DETAILS: Off The Shoulder

January 16th, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Off The Shoulder

It’s officially 2017 Fashionistas and I’m claiming it! Going at it with full force and chasing my dreams. I hope my and your 2017 is filled with amazing coffee, good company, and 100% happiness because we all deserve it. One thing I am definitely ready for this year is spring! I’m over the cold and I want warm weather with cute off the shoulder tops, faux leather minis without stockings, and open toe booties! The first day of spring is also my birthday! The cold weather in New York has been so brutal that you really can’t leave your house without five layers of clothes, but this Fashionista braved the cold weather to get some amazing pictures up on the Brooklyn Bridge at the perfect time of golden hour.

Wearing off the shoulder pieces in the winter can definitely be a task in itself. There is contradiction around it because will anyone truly even see your cute off the shoulder top or dress? I say, go for it! Us Fashionistas are in college, so bundle up as your walking to school and let your outfit shine while you’re in class. Let the shoulders out! This Fashionista is wearing an all black off the shoulder dress, which is absolutely stunning. She snagged it from a small boutique here in New York City for an amazing price. New York City boutiques are my favorite! You can find such incredible hidden gems for even better prices. She paired the dress with the classic New York shoes, Timberlands. She chose all black Timberlands to pair perfectly with the black dress.

This outfit is very minimal and simple but the details in this Fashionista’s hair brings this look to another level. She chose to wear space buns which is such a fun and cute look! The space buns bring this outfit together in such a unique way. She pulls them off so well and they take her look to the next level of chic.