ALL IN THE DETAILS: Not Over the '90s

I am an avid supporter of anything ’90s. It’s the decade the best kids were born in and when the best styles were popular. I mean who can honestly say they didn’t love the Spice Girls or chokers? This Fashionista’s entire outfit screamed my favorite decade to me from miles away.

Her outfit verifies to me that she was also born in the greatest decade because all the details are spot on. From the denim overalls and crop top to the multiple chokers, this girl would’ve hands down been my best friend on the playground. Since the days are getting longer and the temperature is rising here in Florida, overalls are a perfect way to stay trendy while trying not to melt. Crop tops are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe down here because they go with honestly anything and everything. And as an added bonus, her hair was in two French braids to keep her hair off her face during the day. Chokers are back in full-swing at Florida State University and I fully support the trend. I add new ones to my collection daily.

How To: Put on any high-waisted denim or overalls to start. Throw on a tank top and tuck it in or go with the easy crop top. You can buy velvet and leather thread at Michaels Craft Store and make your own choker! Add some oversized shades and maybe an old school hair scrunchie if your feelin’ adventurous.