ALL IN THE DETAILS: Neutral Purfection

March 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

In the Animal Kingdom, leopards are classified as an endangered species. However, in the world of fashion, leopard print is far from going extinct. Leopard is a timeless print that is as fierce as its native feline species. A classic leopard print has a warm tan backsplash, distinguished by brown dots that are encircled in black rings, and unevenly sized and spaced across the fabric. This print is not to be confused with cheetah. While these two fashion inspirations are derived from the cat family, they are both uniquely authentic. Cheetah is simpler print with a light tan canvas covered in small, symmetrical black dots. Thus, the little imperfections and brown-meets-black combination we see in leopard print is stylistically dynamic and neutrally perfect.

This Fashionista created a chic and notable look with the help of a bold leopard print blazer. Framed by the complementary tones of tan and black, the leopard print blazer was naturally the first piece of this outfit to catch my eye. Although, despite the captivatingly fearless qualities that make leopard print so alluring, this ensemble was truly personalized by the careful attention to detail.

Not one garment strayed from the neutral color palette, allowing the leopard print to be the focal point of this outfit. The neutral tones were brought to life through a creative layering technique. A basic tan turtleneck was a practical choice to stay warm with the lingering chill in the campus air. The turtleneck was topped with a lightweight black vest, which has proven to be an on-trend piece this season that gave this Fashionista a little extra warmth under her leopard print jacket. Final touches to this outfit included silver Alex and Ani bracelets paired with a pale pink beaded bracelet, and black loafers complete with silver embellishments.

How To: The key to accomplishing this look is to be adventurous with your conventional neutral tones, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to layering. Get inspired by the exquisite power of leopard print or channel your inner cheetah by making either of those prints the centerpiece of your ensemble. You can liven your animal printed pieces by skillfully layering your other garments. Turtlenecks and sweaters are workable layers, but sporting a vest underneath a blazer makes for an innovative and stylish mix.