April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

With summer being right around the corner and approaching so quickly, it seems like the gym may not be the first thing on our mind. This Fashionista says otherwise. She is not only ready to kill her workout, but she is also killing her entire workout attire.

The most difficult part of a workout can be actually getting to the gym. When one has fabulous outfits to look forward to (like this Fashionista), then it can eliminate this problem. She chooses the most vibrant hot pink to accompany her to burn some calories. Simply put, this Fashionista is ready from head to toe.

Let’s begin with her bottoms. She decides to stand out and sport a bold pair of workout pants. She bases her look off her pants and adds a sports bra to match. To complete her look, she adds a simple white tank top that keeps the outfit looking fresh and clean. While not necessary, she adds an athletic hoodie to keep her warm which can be helpful during those chilly days in the spring. Hoodies like the one she is wearing are also helpful if you enjoy running outside. Not only will they keep you warm, but they can pull your entire outfit together. Now for shoes, this particular Fashionista continues to stick to bold, but adds a small hint of blue for some color pop. Life can be much easier when you feel comfortable in your workout ensemble. If you lack time, you can go directly from the gym to class or vice versa!

Undeniably, your work out won’t magically come to you unless you add it to your schedule. However, this spring make your life easier by adding some neon hues to your workout attire.

How To: Stick to one color you love for your outfit like this Fashionista and go from there! Whether it may be a bold pair of pants or gym shoes, basing your look off one item can make your life easier.