ALL IN THE DETAILS: Needlepoint Fashion

What is the first image that pops into your mind when you think of needlepoint? Perhaps your grandma sitting next to the fireplace with a cat cuddled into her lap? Secondly, what do you think of wallets? Fashion or solely function? I bet you never imagined in your wildest dreams of a needlepoint wallet. Don’t worry, I didn’t either until I met this Fashionisto. Wallets serve three purposes: aesthetic, functional or both. At the end of the day, a wallet is a wallet. It holds your money and slew of receipts and that is that. Before you go buy that wallet, however, take time to think of what you’re committing to. A wallet can tell a lot about a person. Are you all for function or fashion?

At first glance you instinctively view this Fashionisto as adventurous, bright and unique. No matter the dreariest of spring days that overtake Ohio, this Fashionisto is a guaranteed burst of pastel-colored sunshine. While normally seersucker is his fabric of choice, today’s ensemble consists of more earthy tones. No fear, however, for there are still those bursts of color that will never go missing on this Fashionisto. They are hiding, though, not visible until he makes the payment for his daily coffee run. Then you see it, the wallet. Even though it’s hiding it undeniably makes the outfit. It is evident that nautical is the overarching theme with his brown, braided leather belt, olive green quilted vest and Native Union phone case. The needlepoint wallet with saturated hues takes wallet game to an entire new level.

I wasn’t joking around when I mentioned that a wallet tells a lot about you as a person. You aren’t buying simply a money holder. It has the potential to serve as a compliment platform and conversation starter. You’re investing your money into a trend (Michael Kors wallet) or an asset of yourself. You can decide for yourself, fashion or function? Choose wisely.

How To: Buying a fashionable needlepoint anything is not as hard as it sounds. If you have that nautical blood flowing through you, too, this bi-fold wallet is practically already in your shopping cart. To show off needlepoint fashion in other ways, you can rock the matching belt and phone case.