March 29th, 2017 at 2:00am

Talk about March madness—here is some muted madness! This Fashionista is channeling the cloudy Florida sky with her beautiful, muted colors and flowy skirt that gave her an ethereal look. What caught my eye originally was the contrast of texture of the chunky, woven-knit top and the slightly pleated skirt.

That beautiful crop top is perfectly in line with the ongoing high neckline trend as well as functional in keeping the Fashionista cool in the humid weather. The look of the multi-tone knit adds such a unique texture and catches the light so beautifully that it just looks like it was made for those gloomy days when you still want to show up and show off.

What first caught my eye in this outfit was the cut of the flowy skirt. The color is so beautiful on her skin tone, and the cut reminds me of XL wide-leg pants with the pockets and the flow. I just love how it flowed as she walked. There is also the split up the side of the skirt that calls a reference to the seam-ripped look seen in DKNY’s show in this year’s New York Fashion Week.

Her black, laced ballet flats are adorable staples in any outfit that are comfortable yet fashionable. Her bright nails are a surprising pop of color while still in the same color family of her skirt. Nails are always an easy way to add that little pop without having to go out and buy a whole new accessory or outfit piece. A nice little accent is always a versatile and simple way to ease into the new season and stay comfortable and warm/cool!