ALL IN THE DETAILS: Much More Than Your Average Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are an accessory that will always be in style. Baseball caps have many functions. They can be used to show off your favorite sports team or to simply hid a bad hair day. They also come in many shapes and styles, which can vary from destroyed, all one color, or just representing something fun. This Fashionisto is showing off a unique baseball cap style. His hat is a light grey color that matches the tone of his sweater and pants. The hat is also a unique texture, which is why I feel in love with the details of the outfit. It is a felt texture, which is soft to the touch while also being a neutral color. Even though the hat is a neutral color, it is the center piece of this outfit because of the rare style.

The sweater matches perfectly with this outfit. The one stripe adds an extra pop. Without the stripe, the hat would resemble the sweater too much and clash due to the similar textures. The sweater goes great with the combination of the blue pants with the Timberlands. It makes the outfit seem more casual then a sweater usually would. The sweater also softens up the harshness of the Timberlands.

I chose this Fashionisto because of his uniqueness. Not every guy on a college campus will show up to class wearing a nice sweater paired with khakis and fashion-forward boots. I admire his style for wanting to stand out. The hat makes him stand out tremendously because I have not seen anyone else on DePauw’s campus wear anything similar. This Fashionisto isn’t afraid to wear something nobody else has. Instead, he embraces the style and rocks it completely.