April 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

Spring is an exciting time to switch up your wardrobe and try new things. One of the hottest trends for this spring is mixing different materials and colors. This mixing trend is relatively new because in previous decades everything had to match exactly. Women used to match their bags with their shoes and jewelry with their belt, but this is no longer the case. Boundaries are being pushed and things that normally wouldn’t go together now seem interesting.

Mixing metals is a new hot trend in jewelry. One way to mix is by picking a dominant metal and then pairing it with accents. This is popular with gold and accents of silver. The more common way of mixing metals is to use an equal amount of materials. This creates a balanced look with equal amounts of warm and cool materials. This is a fun way to experiment with your jewelry and manipulate your outfit. A set of necklaces could completely change your look.

This Fashionista uses the balanced technique of mixing jewelry. She rocks three long necklaces each with a different color. The silver long necklace complements her silver bracelets for a chic finish. The different metallic colors look great against the black background of her dress as well. Each necklace has a different texture which makes her outfit interesting. This Fashionista is on point for spring!

How To: Have jewelry that seems too risky to mix? Wear basic pieces of clothing that are the same colors as the jewelry. This way, your outfit will look cohesive and the accessories can have the attention!