ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mixed Prints for Fall

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mixed Prints for Fall

Fall is here, but that doesn’t mean florals can’t be groundbreaking!

It takes a brave soul to mix prints but that is not to say it can not be done. This Fashionista mixed a fall plaid with dark florals to create a great seasonal transition outfit. The floral print is not vibrant, which gives a darker vibe to the look. The blue crop top adds the perfect touch to this outfit, and ties everything together.

Mixing and matching different prints can be challenging, but picking a mood or color scheme is the best was to go about it. Had her tights been a bit more vibrant this look would not have worked as well because the plaid and floral would have competed.

Picking one print to dominate the look is the best way to go about mixing and matching different prints. The prints are also broken up by her denim shorts so the eye is not to distracted by the different prints in the garments.

Her makeup brings this look together because the blues match the color scheme of her outfit. The same blue was used for the glitter on her eyes so they were not contrasting with her lip color. Paying attention to the small details will make any look work, no matter how different the colors and prints appear to be.

The details in this Fashionista’s tights and makeup creates a really cohesive look that keeps the eye moving. The added detail of the glitter in her eye makeup, and the choice of darker color floral tights show that it is all in the details.