ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mix And Matching

You’ve been wearing the same style over and over again and now you realize that it’s time to switch up your wardrobe game. Where to start? The solution lies simply in the clothes you already own! The most interesting and personalized form of changing up your style is in the various patterns and prints some of your clothing may have. From there, all you have to do is mix and match different pieces and you will have yourself a fresh new outfit!

Take it from this Fashionista, who was spotted on campus wearing a wide variety of prints. What I first noticed in this outfit was her baroque style pants. This pair was also high-waisted and cropped at the bottom for a more refreshing look. Styled on her head was a floral headwrap, which was in a rather interesting harmony with her cheetah print sunglasses. Since it was quite a sunny and hot day, she chose to wear a sleeveless top to go along with the weather. Her glittery black TOMS shoes added a great finishing touch to the overall look. Although each print was unique in its own way, this Fashionista made it work by coordinating her white top to balance the loudness of the other pieces. Her accessories were minimal, which made all the focus go towards the individual patterns on her clothing.

How To: Even though mix and matching prints may seem like a daunting task, it is still definitely worth a try! Don’t be afraid to clash patterns. Make sure you balance out the look by incorporating a simple piece of clothing, such as a white top, like this Fashionista.