ALL IN THE DETAILS: Metallic Mania

April 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

There are a couple of trends I can’t wait to see this upcoming summer. A few of them are the beach, sand, sunshine and metallic. Yes, I’m aware the first three aren’t really trends but I just can’t wait for summer. Anyway, metallics are usually a big thing for New Year’s Eve because who doesn’t want to sparkle during that time of year, right? But, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite metallic sandals or skirt during the summer. You’ll shine even more with so much sunshine like this Fashionista did on a particularly sunny day, a rare occasion in Syracuse.

Since it was still a bit chilly that day it was smart to wear a few layers. This Fashionista is wearing a gray flowy top with a cardigan sweater in a darker shade of gray. She paired this up with a simple pair of denim jeans. With a black scarf wrapped twice around her neck, she’s also wearing a very light gray, almost mint colored, oversized coat. It’s not entirely monochrome but she’s maintaining that simple and same color scheme look throughout. Now, what really stands out in this outfit are the metallic Dr. Martens on her feet. Usually you can find them in black but hers are silver metallic. Sometimes they even look kind of purple. Sporting the Ariana Grande trend, she pulled her curled hair halfway up into a ponytail. It was sunny so she couldn’t forget her Ray-Ban aviators, and to check the time she’s wearing a big gold watch. To match with her scarf she has a black tote bag, perfect for holding a few school supplies.

I think metallic will be a big thing this summer! Don’t go way overboard wearing all metallic. Just pick a few pieces like a top or shoes to make you stand out.

How To: Now that it’s getting warmer, you can just wear a gray T-shirt with a pair of jeans along with some metallic Birkenstock sandals. Casual yet super chic!