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There seems to be some sort of familiarity, even comfort, when an outfit consists of like materials. Having this kind of consistency in a look can prevent the chaos that often occurs in fashion, kind of like the role of similar textures and complementary colors in paintings. And who says creating an outfit isn’t the same as creating an art piece? This tendency in fashion leads us to a few long-lasting trends, like denim on denim, white on white, and even pantsuits. They’re almost like confidence-boosters, even when your life isn’t put together, at least your outfit is.

What if you want this form of stability in your looks, but the current trends just don’t seem to fit your personal style? That Canadian tuxedo is a bit too ’90s, white on white is a bit too Club Monaco, and that pantsuit is a bit too, well, Hillary Clinton (#pantsuitnation still lives on, though). For this fellow Fashionista, she usually finds comfort in other styles that usually lean more towards edge, grunge, or even goth. Many times, this style can look the opposite of organized—clashing layers and distressed fabrics don’t necessarily scream put-together. However, there are ways to decrease this chaos into some form of structure by using the tactic I mentioned above. Mesh has recently resurged from our ’90s grunge dreams and has gone under practically everything (fishnets under cropped pants, long sleeve mesh bodysuits under going out tops, you name it). This Fashionista decided to combine the two trends and try mesh on mesh, a look which I haven’t seen before, but would immediately like to start trying.

To tackle a mesh on mesh outfit, she completed half the task by pairing fishnets under high-waisted ripped jeans (which she later told me she cut herself!). To fulfill the other mesh requirement, she layered a long sleeve mesh top that directly resembles those fishnets on her legs under a glitter cropped tank, which brightened up the double-mesh she was rocking. She finally slipped on a classic pair of Dr. Martens and dark lipstick that both fit in with her edgy style and completed a look that has her covered in mesh from head to toe.

At a time when fashion is constantly evolving, personal style is a necessary component to keep Fashionistos/as true to themselves, even when trends take over. But why not try both? Incorporating one’s personal style into trends seen on the street can eliminate the tiresome aspect that usually accompanies overdone styles and create looks that are refreshing and can make anyone look 10 times cooler and like themselves, which is always a plus. So go at it. Experiment in other ways that can manifest your personal style into something even greater. Because at the end of the day, we’ll always be left with the style that makes us, well, us, and that’s really all that matters, no?