ALL IN THE DETAILS: Men Who can Dress

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Men Who can Dress

When I first saw this young gentleman, I had to get his picture. His style is very unique and obviously he is not afraid to take risks. His personality is extremely bubbly and was more than happy to let me write about him. And from the pictures, he is a pro model.

Heading into February, the weather is still chilly. The typical college male usually will don sweat shirts, jeans, and run down sneakers. However, this is not always the case. Some men can dress well, know what looks good for them, and coordinate colors and textures. The stereotype that men don’t know how to dress is why people like this gentleman are special.

Being winter, the atmosphere is gloomy and makes people want to go along with gloomy colors. But, this outfit contains colors, mainly darker neutrals, and it has something to help it pop. Looking at the green sweater is one point of pop. This sweater has argyle lines flowing down to make a subtle pattern. Cold weather is not the particular time to be bold, and the sweater works nicely with the color combination.

Boots, boots, and more boots! Winter fashion is definitely centered around boots. Men, unfortunately, have a more selected choice in boots. The brown ankle boots he is wearing helps redefine the line of men and women shoes. Women wear boots more and that is a fact. Yet, men have feet too and they should not be judged if they want to wear a certain boot. Also, these boots go amazingly well with this outfit. Again, brown, green, and tan all coordinate within the same color pallet.

Finally, my favorite part of this outfit is the fur scarf. I have seen many of these scarves in stores, but I never knew how to wear one or what to put with it. How he styled the scarf changed my view on them. Seeing his creativity with the fur and contrast in textures is a lesson in fashion.

More men should try to dress well. They shouldn’t be generalized that just because they are men they can’t dress because from this article, they can. The key for anyone, man or woman, to look stylish is to dress like yourself.