Yellow has never been a popular clothing color. Some say it looks strange with blonde hair, and some say it is only appropriate to wear paired with green on Packers game day. Even Hilary Duff thought yellow was a lowly color; her song “Why Not” features the lyrics, “You always dress in yellow / When you want to dress in gold.” I always agreed with the naysayers, avoiding the hue simply because it was difficult to find an attractive yellow outfit. This Fashionisto proves everyone (myself and Hilary Duff included) wrong with his mellow yellow button-down shirt that is a unique addition to a casual summer wardrobe.

Unlike many yellow tops, this Fashionisto’s choice of a subdued yellow shirt is not at all overwhelming. The key to his success is in the shade of yellow he chose. Instead of choosing mustard yellow or sunshine yellow, he went with a softer hue that perfectly complements his blue shorts. This creamy yellow shirt would be great for a day at work or a nice dinner; it is more interesting than a white shirt but not overly fancy like many other colored dress shirts. This Fashionisto’s choice of accessories complemented his top and rounded off his casual, summery outfit. The brown boat shoes and belt add a sophisticated touch and match his overall color scheme.

If you’ve been afraid of yellow all your life, take a chance and try out a clothing item in a yellow hue that’s a little mellow to add to your classy but casual summer wardrobe.

How To: Pick a top that isn’t an overwhelmingly bright shade of yellow. Pair it with pants that are cooler on the spectrum, like this Fashionisto’s blue pair or even a dark purple. Throw on some boat shoes to complete the summer look.