ALL IN THE DETAILS: Man's Best Accessory

They say a dog is man’s best friend, but what about man’s best accessory? One might say it’s his Rolex watch or a perfectly tailored suit, but here in Wisconsin, it is quite possibly the ever-returning trend of the baseball hat. As we slowly transition into warmer months, one can see baseball hats beginning to replace beanies and wool caps alike. Spoiler: these bad boys are not just for Little League.

Baseball hats are not just a perfect touch of boyish charm; they are also great for supporting your favorite teams or covering up that mop of bed head you didn’t have time to comb. They are extremely easy to style because there are no rules! You don’t necessarily have to worry about matching your baseball hat to your outfit because it is supposed to look effortless and “thrown together.”

This Fashionisto masters that casual, boy-next-door look by pairing beige khaki pants with a light blue T-shirt layered under a navy and green flannel shirt. On his feet, he wears tan canvas loafers. To top it all off (pun intended), he wears a bright red baseball hat. If you’re digging his Wisconsin spirit, check this hat out. If you’re not the sporty type, give this one a try and if you love a retro/vintage vibe, this hat might be the one for you.

How To: Want to subtly show off a bit of school spirit, hide that wild mane or do a bit of both? Throw on a baseball hat before you head out the door. Pair it with your favorite band T-shirt, a pair of khakis and some sneakers, and you’re sure to have an outfit that looks laid back and “accidentally” in style.